Birthdays, Communions, Baby Shower, Farewells, Baptisms, Graduation Parties …

Do and enjoy your celebration of regular / open route or private route with us.

 In BCNaval Tours we want your celebration to be special and different that’s why we make different celebrations.

Some of the celebrations you can do with us

Do you want to celebrate the birthday in a different way?

In this special day we know the importance that this day will always be remembered.

That’s why we offer you a different and unique celebration sailing and enjoying the views of Barcelona with your friends, family, couple …

Do not hesitate and book your birthday aboard our boats.


Do you want to celebrate your communion with the best views of Barcelona?

Are you about to celebrate your communion, are you celebrating or are you going to celebrate?

Celebrate it with your family and / or friends navigating in Barcelona.

Can you imagine having some pictures with your communion dress and with the panoramic views of Barcelona?

Now you can make it happen with us.


Do you want to celebrate your farewell away from the city?

Browse with your friends and / or family celebrating your bachelor party

Do you want to get away from the city center, enjoy the views of Barcelona, have a drink while you celebrate your bachelor party?

Don’t think about it anymore and go into the sea with your bachelor with us

Baby Shower

Do you want to celebrate the arrival of a baby sailing around Barcelona?

In BCNaval Tours we want such an important celebration to be celebrated in an original and different way.

Let’s start by explaining what the Babyshower is: It’s a celebration for the recent or future arrival of a baby presenting gifts to parents at a party. Guests bring small gifts for the pregnant woman. Typical gifts include diapers, blankets, bottles, clothes and toys. It is common for gifts to be opened during the party.

Come and enjoy sailing with your friends of this special moment

Our four boats for your celebration


It offers a silent and non-polluting navigation.

  • Capacity: 150 people

One environment

  • 22 Tables accompanied by 2 side benches. (All furniture is removable and modifiable, easily convertible into a party room.)
  • 3 Front nets with capacity for 15 people.
  • Bar.
  • WC.
  • Adapted for the disabled.
  • Sound Equipment (Connection iPod, MP3, CD), Speakers, wireless microphone.


Catamaran with three bows that offers a more comfortable navigation thanks to the latest technology in design.

  • Capacity: 150 people.

Two environments


  • Main deck:  living room with removable tables and chairs, surrounded by a window, and with exterior corridor.Bar / WC.
  • Upper deck: With awning, tables and chairs also removable.
  • Bar.
  • WC.
  • Adapted for the disabled.
  • Submarine Vision
  • Sound Equipment (Connection iPod, MP3, CD), Speakers, wireless microphone.


It offers the sensation of sailing transmitting the pirate spirit

  • Capacity: 80 people.

Two environments

  • Main deck: diaphanous deck with benches, 2 WC. and bar
  • Upper deck: With central bank and benches on the sides
  • Bar.
  • WC.
  • Sound Equipment (Connection iPod, MP3, CD), Speakers, wireless microphone.


Allows navigation while feeling the adrenaline at high speed

  • Capacity: 48 people.

One environment

  •  WC.
  •  Sound Equipment (Connection iPod, MP3, CD), Speakers, wireless microphone.

Some good reasons

To make your celebration with us.

4 different boats

Choose the boat that best suits your celebration.

Innovation and creation

Make any celebration with us.

At BCNaval Tours we like to create and innovate in all kinds of celebrations whether they are: birthdays, bachelor parties, communions, babyshower and much more.

Pioneers respecting the environment

We have the least pollutant passenger catamaran and the largest in Europe

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